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The sea is always there, swelling in and out with the tides. The rhythmic sway is ever-present yet constantly changing.   As I walk along the beach, my thoughts calm. Slowly I ease into a more gentle pace; I remember to breathe. The gulls cry overhead, the waves ebb and flow, and I become fully present.

"Tides" is 24 minute-long audio-visual work. The work represents the measurement of time and tide at Portobello beach, Edinburgh. 24 hours are compressed into 24 minutes. The visual work will never repeat as it is created generatively. As with the sea, it the always the same yet forever different. I exhibited this work as part of the online exhibition for the Summer Show at the Scottish Royal Academy 2022.

"Tide" is a contemplative durational piece. I created the visuals using computer code. The code acts as my tool, my paintbrush, and my pens. It is the means to the end, not the end itself. Coding takes concentration yet is a form of contemplation within itself. I lose myself as I write the algorithms and check the results. Once finished with the visuals, I composed the soundscape.

High-resolution prints of the "Tides" are also available. I generate each image individually, and each is unique. Due to the planned randomness of the work, it is impossible for the code ever to produce precisely the same result. I will only make each print once; the owner has a unique creation, never to be repeated or reprinted.