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           Space And Time

This project uses Open Frameworks and the ofxMaxim addon. The audio analysis uses the mfft function to modify the size of the spheres in time with the music. I chose to use the mfft function instead of the standard RMS option as I found the results to be subtle and to my taste. The amount of "bounce" can be adjusted to allow for gentle movement or pushed out for more extreme results.

The use of Open Frameworks easy cam allows for user manipulation of the scene. The element of play in the exploration of the 3-D space maintains user interest and provides wide-ranging results. Textures are loaded by creating small .png files, and the user can easily change and
load files of their choosing.

Key input controls most of the useful features. Shapes can be retriggered in different combinations, and the resolution can be changed, yielding vastly different results. Should the user wish, there is a randomize feature that are also accessible by the keyboard. The GUI controls features that would be unlikely to be used live and can be hidden by pressing the 'h' key.

The visualizer is designed to be played and adjusted live. In creating visuals on the fly, each result will be unique.  The still photos extracted from the visualisations have been exhibited in South Korea, and are also being printed for sale.  Each print will be unique- once it is sold, it is never reprinted.  

This work was exhibited as part of the Digital Fantasies Exhibition in 2022