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Pony Dash

Pony Dash is a joyful audio-reactive video produced for the underground acid music producer "King Mental".  It is full-on and designed to co

The project made use of several applications that I wrote using OpenFrameworks.  Breaking the project into discrete chunks allowed me to make several reusable applications I can repurpose for other work.

The first task was to locate a low-poly image of "Pony Dash"  and load it into Blender to prepare it for use in OpenFramworks.  I have written an application that will make any mesh audio-reactive.  This application requires the mesh s to be formatted.  To be correctly formatted, the mesh must be only triangles, a ply file, and have ASCI enabled.  Once the mesh was formatted and loaded into the application, I created a series of short audio-reactive clips in different colours.  

The next step in the production was the creation of a custom video mixer application.  I wanted to place the videos in a controlled, random way on the screen.  I also needed the videos triggered by pressing keys on the computer keyboard.  While creating this application, I discovered I needed to remove the video background to achieve the desired final effect.  I wrote a shader to remove the background and changed the code so that it loaded FBO objects with the video bound to them.  I then played the video mixer application live to produce the final work.