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Cirkuit42 is designed and run by Kris Hillquist (aka Kris Cirkuit), an artist, creative coder, and electronic musician based in Edinburgh.

She creates work for both live and remote audiences, galleries, the dancefloor, and more unconventional sites, in the form of generative art, electronic music, audio-reactive visuals, and performances.

Her background in sonic art, sound design and sound engineering combined with her experience in designing and implementing creative code solutions provide a powerful combination of tools for her work.

Her work has been exhibited as part of The Wellcome Collection, Corna (South Korea), The Royal Acadamy of The Arts Scotland,  Deptford Does Art, The Hackney Museum, and The Artbyte.

She has an undergraduate degree in Sonic Art. and an MA in Computational Arts (2021, Distinction) from Goldsmiths University.

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